Trading for fun
- Investing for life

But Why?

"Poor people spend their money,

Middle class save their money,

Wealthy people invest their money."

Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway


A solid defense sure takes you a long way, but you don’t win by always defending – you have to score a goal to win.

Are you trying to avoid losing OR are you trying to accomplish winning?

You can’t win, if you’re afraid to lose!


From Zero To Hero

"Trading 1.0"

Basics & Fundamentals
  • Investor & Risk Profiles
  • Asset Classes
  • Method & Analysis
  • Risk-Reward
  • Tools
  • Inspiration

"Trading 2.0"

Get Ready To Trade
  • Asset Class vs. Risk-Reward
  • Risk-Reward - how to asses?
  • Fundamentals - introduction
  • Technicals - Introduction
  • Concepts
  • Trading Platform

"Trading 3.0"

Concepts & Strategies
  • Technical Analysis - Part 2.
  • Fundamentals - Part 2.
  • Google Sheets
  • Options Trading - Introduction
  • Chart Reading - How To
  • Portfolios

I'm so happy I jumped into it and only wished I'd done it sooner.

Kim comes highly recommended - thank you for the great introduction from A-Z.

Signe Snelling, Retail Investor - "Trading 1.0"

Knowledge Is Power