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💰Wall Street💰 vs. 🎮 Gamestop 🎮 vs.🖕Reddit🖕 (#2)

***💰Wall Street💰 vs. 🎮 Gamestop 🎮 vs. 🖕Reddit🖕***   (#2)


So, happened happened after the GME Run, fellow ape, ape want to know?

Well, junior retard, after the spike to 480, it trended down and found some support around 300 for some time.

Later on in kept decresing as a (possible) consequnce of hedge funds took new positions doubling down.

Really? Isn´t that kind of a retarded move, as they already, according to senior retard, lost so most bananas?

Well, hedge funds apes aren´t hedge fund apes for no reason – you can read about one of their monkey games here: XRT

Anyway, different topic, junior retard, after staying around 300 a moment, it was shorted down further and wasnt too long before in the range 120-150.

Now, while al this crazy monkey stuff is going on, reddit really starts to take off with diamond hands, rocket emojis and quality due dilligence.

As you know it quickly became a meme stock surrounded by hype from not only subreddits, but also main stream media, it seems like every retard out there has an opinion about Gamestop / GME these days . not to mention the recent congressional hearing thursday 18. of february 2020.

What the price today then, did it stay at 120-150?

The following days a lot of going toe to toe between bulls and bears took place and some crucial key points were defended bravely from both sides. Lots of casualties. Not a pretty sight for any innocent ape.

After some time the beards manages to short it down in the area of 80-100, while bulls and apes are left to consider how hedge apes manages to keep shorting it, when a lot of reddit apes says they´re still diamond handing the stonk.

Phantom of the stock vs. Naked Opera

So, you know there are some pretty retarded reddit apes out there who don´t stop digging and looking for dirt once on to something, right?

In this case one of the questions reddit apes pondered upon was, how hedge apes could keep up the volume, when the volume clearly was drying up.

Stop rolling your eyes and pay attention, junior retard, this is important.

Imagine I sell you a banana A. Now you owe me banana A at an agreed date.

Now, you sell that banana A to another retard ape of yours.

Now you owe me banana A, and that retard of yours also owes you banana A.

See, as long as none of us gets hungry and there make a claim to banana A, it is really only “I owe yous” floating around. The real problem becomes when one of us apes gets too lazy to find hiw on food and decides to make a claim for banana A.

This is what the cheatmunks are doing in theory and the reason they could keep the volume up and make it look like random apes trading amongst each other.

Do you see where ape is going?

Ai, you there, retard? Ape, ok??