I'm not fucking selling

***AMC & Gamestop – Best Time To Sell***

AMC & Gamestop – Best Time To Sell

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TL:DR: Sell when the short positions start being covered , and not before as you take out the momentum we need to go the “moon”.
Ok, so it is quite clear to me that one of the most hyped question these days is:
When should we sell to maximize profits?
First of all:
I am not a financial advisor and none of this should be taken as such. I am merely stating how I see things based on the due diligence I have read (a lot of hours though), but that DOES NOT mean I know the truth or what will happen per se.
DFV aka Roaring Kitty aka Keith Gill aka Ape Legend has a meme where he states in a post “What is an exit strategy?”
Now that should not be taken verbatim, but for sure provides a piece to how he views the situation.
Now, if you think, why is DFV need to know, whoc cares?
Let me put it like this, it is ONLY because of this guys COURAGE and stamina that you are reading these words – as a Redditor would put it: this guy f*cks. Period. (I am not a Redditor)

Back to the topic…
As AMC has experienced some hefty volatility the last month or so, the main question/s becomes more and more relevant, especially if you are an early investor, as I assume you are then looking at 500% gains at this point (Before January).
I would like to emphasize that I am quite sure no-one knows per se, BUT, there does seem to be consensus about the best time to sell at least some of your stonks.


Because, if too many apes get distracted by CLOV, DOGE, BB, NOK, Marijuana Stocks, swing trade for quick profits etc etc the rocket WILL NOT make it to the moon as a certain amount of ‘fuel” is required – it IS a long journey, ask any astronaut.
Instant gratification, fear and uncertainty…. WILL be difficult to resist from not only a financial and rational point of view, but perhaps even more important, an emotional and psychological.
In sports (e.g. soccer) it is easy to think positive, cheer up your comrades etc, when you are ahead in the game…BUT, the real test comes when you meet struggle and are down 2-0 – just as in real life – and the way we face these challenges, not only reflects back on our financial situations, but our character as human beings.
Looking at 100$ profit is easy (to most apes).
Looking at 1.000$ is still reasonable easy (to most apes).
Looking at 10.000$ can in fact make real changes (in most ape lives).
100.000$ could be your All Time High net worth (for some apes).

1.000.000$ – do you see where I am going with this?

If you know you have the power to change not only your own life, but at the same time your familys, but also the risk of loosing a big portion… 

How strong is your motivation then?

Should it even be? Where is the primary responsible in your opinion? Your family? Society? World?

Imagine you enter a poker tournament with your 100 best friends.
You all end up at different tables to prevent collusion.
 All of you are dealt the best possible hand (Royal Flush) the first hand hence can ONLY lose in case you fold, die or chose to fold the winning hand (nuts).

Noone ever folds the best hand in poker.

But check this out…
One of the players at your table start talking about this new “bullet proof’ method he knows of. In fact he tells you it ONLY requires an initial investment of 1.200$, normal 2.999$, an you are guaranteed to make a nice profit.
You politely decline as you are trying to follow the pokergame.
The guy on your right now pokes you, and start asking if you heard of this new crypto coin “DOGE” which is money in the bank, even Elon Musk supports it?
The third player blends in as tells he is an early investor in DOGE and you’re and idiot if you don’t make an investment. He can provide rather in-depth details as well.
All of a sudden the waiter out of nowhere starts commenting and heard amongst his friends that Fuckia and Hackjerry are set for the moon, no time to waste.

Are you a financial advisor?

Prolly not as you are reading this.
So, as human nature dictate, you tend to listen to the people around you, they prolly know the things you don’t, right?
Remember, you are holding a royal flush?
The point here is, that EACH DOLLAR allocated away from AMC and Gamestop is a dollar that could have helped initiate the squeeze, which is the main goal and endgame for apes. 

For the rocket to go as far as possible (to the moon?), there are some do’s and don’t’s that are nice to have in mind:
– Dont use margin account, use cash account option
– Turn “lending of shares” off, as they are otherwise used to short by hedge funds
– Don’t swing trade all the time, as it allows for Hedge funds to buy back you shares at a cheap price
– Remove your limit sell orders, as it allows hedge funds to identify potentials walls/resitance and they WILL use this info against apes
– Trust the due diligence out there public available does by wrinkled brain apes. There are some smart ones amongst can easily goes toe to toe with hedge funds ditto
Facts don’t lie, people do.
So, how do I know when to sell, forget all the fancy words, I just need concise info here? Like a oneliner if you got any of those?
In case you watched the price action the days/weeks when we went from around 20 to 70 (possible gamma squeeze), you would know that the price action is quite hefty in some periods.
Chances are trading will be haulted several times during the run up (MOASS), which will prolong the time even more, in other words:

 You can’t miss it.
The price action is expected to be a lot more bloody as the last hedge fund to cover, will pay the highest price, so in a way it is a game of chickec. It is in many ways a House of Cards, which another Redditor made some great DD for, look it up, his name is u/atobitt, House of Cards 1+2+3.
There is a metric called “Days To Cover” which means, how long it will take if all short positions were closed simultaneously. I believe the current number for ACM is 1, meaning it will take 1 trading day to cover all shorts. It has been high prior to today.
The gameplan here kinda is to let it rocket as high as possible, and when it start to go down, meaning all shorts have been covered, THAT IS THE OPTIMAL TIME TO SELL in order to get the highest price for each share for all apes around the world at this point.

I imagine the outcome is likely to be determined by how many share holders are:
– Long term investors
– Swing traders
– Apes
– (Good) hedge funds
The more apes, the longer the rocket should be able to go (in theory).
Most people like to get a new gadget, that being an iPhone, samsung, pc, tablet etc.. I mentioned “instant gratification” earlier, and it WILL be difficult to resist not only gadget temptations, but real life problems and bills.

I would like to remind you here, that there are no One-Size-Fits-All solutions. Apes come from all kind of different walks in life. Don’t be judgemental towards other apes, you don’t know their life situation. That is one of the things I cant help of notice, the APEMAZING KINDNESS by apes, on a different level it helps restores faith in humanity as it brings forwards the REAL HEROES serving their fellow apes (human beings) and NOT because they own the biggest yacht, Lambo, Crib etc.
What truly strikes me, and certainly makes and impression, is how many who aren’t looking for a new Lamborghini, Beach resort, big ass mansion etc.
A lot of apes just wan’t… to stop living paycheck to pay check.
I am in no position to moralise or anything like that, but if I have to chose between where to place my sympathy:
The single mother/father ape providing for his/her family, the individual who are tied of just getting by, the people working two jobs to get by, the people in minimum wage jobs etc.

Top 1% who already owns like 90% of stocks being traded on WS.

that is not a tough question in my book.


Look for when short positions are covered and try to resist early temptation (instant gratification) and not to sell to early, as it will hurt the biggest transfer of wealth in human history for the price of a new iPhone. 
I like Apple, but…