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“I got rich because I saved all my money”

…. noone ever said.

When I’m not trading, I have a corporate job which I love and allows me to plan and organise my life as I see fit.

I always loved games and especially the ones where strategic understanding plays a key part. 


As a former chess-, backgammon- and poker player I’ve build a strong foundation for identifying concepts and strategies, which are transferable for trading and investing.

I use both fundamental and technical analysis before conducting a trade. It’s important to me that I understand exactly why I am entering a trade and what I hope to gain from it. Words like entry point, stop loss and take profit are crucial for both traders and investors, though the perspective can be quite different.

For keeping track of live prices, monitoring trades and keeping account of my P&L, I have designed a some google sheets, which I use on a daily basis and helps me keep track of different key metrics.

People trade and invest for a lot of different reasons I imagine, some with the hope to build wealth over time, others because the banks are paying negative interest these days and some again as they hope to make a decent profit from it. Just like in sport, politics or religion, there’s no single right or wrong answer, it always comes down to perspective and expectations – if you know why you acted, the way you did, you should know what to do next.

To me trading is a game, just like poker was, and just like chess and backgammon – and I love playing games!

Noone cares if it took 1 or 6 hours to do the task, we only look at and care about the value it delivers