There’s no One-Size-Fits-All strategy or approach when it comes to trading – that work’s

1:2:1 Session

I offer 1:2:1 sessions centered around your topics.

1:2:1 sessions will be recorded and sent to you afterwards, so you can go through the different topics whenever needed.

Contact me for more info.

Trading 1.0

Basics & Fundamentals

This course is for the “yet to become a trader” profile, who have been thinking about getting started, but are looking for some pointers and directions in a pace that suits them.

Good for smaller groups and newbies.

Trading 2.0

Get Ready To Trade

This course focus on what you need to get started placing your first trades. We look at broker platforms, concepts, asset classes, risk-reward etc.

Good for smaller groups and profiles just about to enter their first trades.

Trading 3.0

Concepts & Strategies

This course focus on concepts & strategies, technical & Fundamental analysis, chart reading, portfolio etc.

Good for smaller groups and profiles who are familiar with trading, but are looking for a more structured framework.


I spend half a day at Kims "Trading 1.0" as a kick start to learn how to trade stocks. I got a lot of knowledge about terms, my own investor profile and tools for trading.

Very informal which made it easy and safe to ask "stupid" questions.
Signe Snelling
Retail Investor - Trading 1.0
Kim gave a nice introduction to stocks and the terms and phrases related to investing.

Kim was eminent at explaining low key and also showed how to place trades and keep track of my own trades.
Astrid Sylvan
Retail Investor - Trading 1.0​
I'm so happy I jumped into it and only wished I have done it sooner.

Thank you for the great introduction from A-Z.

Kim comes highly recommended!

Signe Jensen
Retail Investor - Trading 1.0​