What is?

ARK Invest (see Cathie Wood also): ARK Invest and Cathie Wood is a big believer in tech stocks and is an early investor in Tesla (Tic: TSLA) which accounts for the biggest holding across ARK ETFs. Perhaps best known for her Best Case bull scenario where Tesla hits 7.000 (1.400 corrected for stock split 5:1).
Beta: proxy for comparing volatility for a specific stock vs the market.
Bitcoin: first and probably the most known crypto currency, potential Digital Store of Value (SOV) competing with Gold.
C25: main index for the danish economy.
Candle: figure to illustrate the movement of a price.
Cardano (ADA): 3. biggest crypto coin based on Market Cap (MC).
Chart Patterns: chart to show development of price action.
Dark Pool
Day Trading: certain investor profile with very short term timeline for the trades, often minutes to hours.
Dividend/s: some stocks pay out a ‘dividend’ to their share holders, can be monthly, quarterly or half yearly.
Dow Jones: main US index tracking 30 of the biggest US companies.
DAX: main index for the German economy.
Doge: crypto coin. Partially supported by Elon Musk and Mark Cuban.
Ethereum (ETH): likely the second most known crypto coin developed by Vitalik Buterin.
Expected Value (EV): the Expected Value from any conducted trade. EV is always calculated before opening a trade.
Exposure: your total “risk” across all your trades.
FAANG: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix & Google.
EPS: earnings per share.
ETF: Exchange Traded Fund, basket of single stocks.
Failed To Deliver (FTD): when short sellers fails to deliver a borrowed stock back to the broker they lend it from.
Fibonacci (retracements): tool for technical analysis using Fibonacci numbers to look for 
Fundamental Analysis:  analysing company balance sheets, p/e, eps etc.change in momentum. and entry points.
Long vs Short: when you hope the price increases you are “long” in a stock. If you bet on the price to decrease you are “short” in a stock.
Large Cap: companies with a valuation of more than 10b$.
MACD: Moving Average Convergence Divergence
Market Cap: total valuation of a company: total shares*price per share = MC.
Medium Cap: companies with a valuation between 2-10b$.
Nasdaq: US Stock Exchange, second biggest trailing NY:SE.
P/E (Price/Earnings): 
P/S (Price/Sales):
P&L (Profit & Loss): your total Profit & Loss across your portfolio/s and trade/s, your net. result.
Position: an open trade.
Reward (opposite of Risk):
Robin Hood: US broker for retail investors.
ROI (Return On Investment): the perceptual gain from your initial investment.
RSI (Relative Strength Index): proxy for momentum in a stock, used for technical analysis.
Shiba Inu: crypto coin, hyped by Redditors.
Small Cap: companies with a valuation of less than 2b$.
S&P500: big US index tracking 500 US companies, often used as the main index for the US economy.
Stop Loss: pre-defined price  point where you plan to close your trade.
Swing Trading: Hybrid of day trading and long term investing. Typically a swing trade last for 1-90 days.
Take Profit (TP): pre-defined price point where you plan to take profit.
Technical Analysis (TA): 
Ticker (Tic:) short code for company name, e.g. Apple / AAPL, Netflix / NFLX.
Trade: once you bought an asset.
Volatility: the level of price action is different from asset class to asset class and stock to stock.
Watchlist: your watchlist containing the most interesting assets you wan’t to track daily.
Win-Loss Ratio: ration between you lost and won trades.
XLM (Stellar): crypto coin.