Gamestop Congressional Hearing

Gamestop Congressional hearing, Thursday the 18. of february 2020

🏛👩‍⚖️ 🖥 ***Congressianl hearing, Thursday the 18. of february 2020***  🖥 👨‍⚖️ 🏛


A highly anticipated day for apes, retards, Wall Street, Politicians, institutional investors and many many more…

This was the first time we got a real chance of sensing the (political) public opinion towards the hole Gamestop Saga.

In case you can´t read, let me make it easy for you:

Our hero, Keith Gill, did an amazing jo being himself – nothing more, nothing less.

No, I am in no way a psycologist, body languange specialist, lawyer or anything fancy like that, but I for one know without any reason whom of the interviewed people I would prefer to have a beer with. Let me help you out in case you didnt see it, to be fair the entire thing laster close to 6 hours and some retards in fact do have a life outside school of retardary.

Main Characters

Vlad Tenev: the brain de.. washed CEO of Hobin Rood > Steel from the little guy and help Top 1%.

Gabriel (Gabe) Plotkin: The TIRED CEO of Melvin Capital. Somebody needs to get that man better bed and pillows.

Kenneth Griffin: CEO of Citadel LLC. Think of a energetic, uplifting, gestikulating lawyer? KG was pretty much the complete opposite.

Politicians en masse: had the option to question whom ever of the above they saw fit. And they did. Some better than others.

Congress Lady of Chair: if there were ever anything logic in this misere, it has to be the choise of that Chair Lady. I amquite sure, I would have handed in even my german papers junior high had she been my teacher. Didnt looked like one familiar with the word ´no´.

Despite their efforts even the elected politicians had to face the reality of a CEOs remarkable ability to act ´ignorant´ when believed to serve him.

it went something like this:


“Thank you for that VERY important question, Congress Member. I believe it is VERY important that we adress this topic and would therefore like to thank for this opportunity to adress such an important topic. It is an honor to be here today and present information that might be benefical in getting to the bottom of what happened during the events of Gamestop stock, and I really appreaciate and would like to thank you for this opportunity to present you with info in this unprecented time of events”

“Excuse me?”

“Time is up?

“Really, (phew) I would like to thank you for this opportunity to enlighten you with all the info presented to you. Thank you.”

Gabriel  / Gabe 

“I´m sorry, could you repeat that again?”

“Excuse me? No no, I was not sleeping, where would you get that sort of idea from?”


“If I know Elon Musk?”

“Not in person, I find him to be a guy that most of the times come up short”

“It´s a very good question and extremly complex to answer, but yes, we use to have a short position in Tesla”


“I´m sorry, I´m not sure I understand that question..??”

“Is it true that Citadel gets the order if two orders come in at the same time via Robin Hood?”

“That is a very good question, Congress Person. It is also a highly complex question as my dog, didnt sleep last night, so taking a 2bio$ stake in Gabe, seemed like the obvious ethical decision. I am not in it for the money, those are only rumours and smere campaigns launched to make wall street look bad. Remember my colleague who even started crying in a live interview”

(Yes, I did, and it made my f***** day)

“Back to my initial question, is it true that Citadel, lead by you as CEO, has prior history with short selling?”

“That´s a very complex question, Mr. Congress Member, I´m not sure I understand the meaning of this question?”

“You don´t need to understand the meaning, Mr. Griffin, I am reclaiming my time, you just need to answer here”

“Ok, the thing is that we did at one point decide to… Sorry? Oh, time is up?”

“I would l ike to thank the honored Congress Members and the fri.. honored Chair Lady as well”


“When did you start investing in Gamestop, Mr. Keith?”

“I believe I made my first investment in Gamestop back in june 2019, Mr. Congress Member”

“Did you at any point speculate in ´pumping and dumping´ the stock for your own financial benefit?”

“No, Mr. Congress person. I looked into the fundamentals, which lead me to believe Gamestop as a company was undervalued.”

“What was the price at that time?”

“I believe it trading around 5$ dollars at the time”

“And you bought it with some idea it would rise, isnt that correct, Mr. Gill?”

“Yes. That is correct, Mr. Congress Person. I believed that based on the potential intrinsic value long term fair price would be.. 20$-25$ in that range.”

“So you believed the stock you bought at around 5$, had the chance to rise to 20$-25$ based on your due dilligence?”

“Yes, Mr. Congress person.”

“And did you at any time encourage, started and coordinated a rally based on the support from reddit users, Mr. Gill?”

“No, sir. At the time pretty much noone, except Michael Burry, seemed to notice the future potential of Gamestop. Now that Mr. Cohen got on board with a 13% stake and knowing the results he created with Chewy, I see Gamestop as a solid long term play, Mr. Congress Person.”

“I see. But how about your youtube channel then?”

“It is correct that I do post videoes on youtube from time to time. Before I entered my GME position, I shared my due dilligence asking for users to challenge my ideas and perspective as I could easily be wrong or might be overlooking something.”

Ape can´t tell fellow apes what or who to believe – ape will have to make judgement for ape self.

*In case ape is unable to tell the difference from the sincere guy from the not so sincere guys – ape is truly a retard!

… see for ape self.