I’m a swing trader, though having exposure in positions I plan to hold for the years to come – You can see my personal holdings below.

Current Holdings

Plan A

Perhaps you are familiar with the ongoing Wall Street vs Reddit war, which started out back in January 2021?
Back in January (2021) Gamestop went through a, what we today consider to be, gamma/short squeeze. The price went from around 5 to 480 in a few days as short sellers were squeezed and forced to close their position.

Shortly after AMC quickly became a meme favourite amongst redditors (users on Reddit) and today Gamestop and AMC are in the same fight with the same goal, The Mother Of All Short Squeezes (MOASS).

Got any evidence for this?
Archaegos, hedge fund / Family Office, lead by Bill Hwang got margin called for 20b$ in two days. BIDU, VIACA and DISCA all took major hits for more than 50%…!
Bill used a 20-1 leverage short selling Gamestop…. that didn’t turn out so well!

And this is important how?
Because it could very well be the first indication of what’s coming, and I’m not talking about winter here. I personally believe, and I have read a lot of due diligence and followed closely since January, that it is only a matter of time before both Gamestop and AMC will squeeze – when the first one does, it’s likely that the second will follow not long after.

Plan A is to wait for the MOASS to happen and after that put together a more ‘conventional’ portfolio
GME and AMC are a play, not an investment.

Please dont trust any of the above, or anything else on this website for that matter, but rather do your own due diligence. I ate a crayon by accident when I was a kid. I would NOT trust my judgement!

Plan B

Make sure Plan A is solid.


Current size of PF: 90%
finviz dynamic chart for  AMC

AMC – 337% gain

My biggest position at current and make up almost 65% of my PF.

I started my first ACM position back in January and plan to hold until the short squeeze has played out.

Gamestop – 40% gain

Second biggest position and make up for around 25% of my PF.

I entered GME back in January around the same time as AMC and plan to wait for the short squeeze.

finviz dynamic chart for  GME


Current size of PF: 10%

Cardano (ADA) – are just about to launch Alonzo Smart Contracts which most like explains the price volatility the past weeks.

Doge – is because I actually see a potential use case for retail to adopt (and adapt) to doge payments. More and more stores accept Doge as payments. Most known bikers are likely Elon Musk and Mark Cuban.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) – I only hold a very small position here, but most likely will ad to my position in the future. Tought to make a strong investor case for this, so this more of a speculative trade.