Stocks are the most loved asset class for retail investors

And you can do it from any of your devices 


Chances are if you are reading this that you are not planning on randomly spending your money each month the next 10 years – enjoy the fun.
You might have some savings, but at the same time sees that at the pace it’s growing, you can retire when you’re 182 yo – yep.
OR you’ve might considered investing (at least some of) your money, but not exactly sure how to approach everything – good decision.
When you buy a stock, you – as Warren Buffet likes to put it – buy a small piece of a business. That’s it. If that business does well, the stock price tends to go up hence you make a profit and vice versa if the business does poorly.

Below are some of the most common and loved stocks by retail investors.
finviz dynamic chart for  AAPL

APPLE (Tic: AAPL)- hardly needs an introduction.

Since Apple began trading publicly in 1980, there has been five splits, most recent in 2020 was a 4-1 split reducing the price from 500 to 125 comparing to todays price.

AMAZON (Tic: AMZN) – Worlds biggest market place  started by Jeff Bezos.

What started out as an online store for books has today become the biggest for marketplace, where you can find pretty much anything you can imagine – and a lot you can’t. Today Amazon is expanding its business and Amazon Prime is the latest member of the Amazon family.

finviz dynamic chart for  AMZN
finviz dynamic chart for  DIS

DISNEY (Tic: DIS) – joining the streaming war recently.

DIS biggest competitors are AMZN, NFLX and AAPL, but DIS got of to a better start than expected by analysts. Time will show which platform will provide the better user quality.

NETFLIX (Tic: NFLX) -The first real streaming service (in EU) .

NFLX success will be measured on their continuous success to deliver high quality productions and stay relevant. NFLX has a broad selection of both series and movies, with originals in between.

finviz dynamic chart for  NFLX
finviz dynamic chart for  TSLA

TESLA(Tic: TSLA) – One of Elon Musk (many) babies.

Michael Burry and Cathie Woods, Ark Invest, are going toe to toe as Michael Burry recently took a big short position in the biggest flagship in all the ARK ETF’s – there can be only one.