Trading 1.0

This is what you can expect from “Trading 1.0”

When you contact me for “Trading 1.0” it means you yet haven’t begun your own trading career, but are curious towards the topic, or perhaps even made the decision to start – you just need some tips and pointers.
Trading 1.0 is suitable for beginners looking to get more information and learnings in a controlled way and with a structured approach and framework.
There is no such thing as “stupid” questions, only arrogant people.
In “Trading 1.0” you will learn about topics such as, but not limited to:
Investor & Risk Profiles
Long term investor, Swing Trader, Day Trader, Time horizon.
Asset Classes
Indexes, ETFs, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto, Currencies.
Method & Analysis
Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Growth vs. Value stocks.
Risk-Reward Concepts, Estimated probability, Fractions and decimals.
News Media, Kellys Criterion, Units vs Freestle, Watchlists & Price Alerts, Google Sheets.

Drop me an email at hej@kimlougart for further info