Trading 3.0

This is what you can expect from “Trading 3.0”

When you contact me for “Trading 3.0” it means you’ve probably placed your first trades and are now looking to take you investing game to the next level. 
Trading 3.0 is suitable for investors who are looking to understand the performance of their trades on a deeper technical and fundamental level incl. chart reading and google sheets.
In “Trading 3.0” you will learn about topics such as, but not limited to:
Technical Analysis  – Part 2
Finding Entry Points (EP), Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP), trading patterns and more.
Chart Reading
How to, Useful tools and techniques, Patterns and more.
Method & Analysis
Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Growth vs. Value stocks.
News Media, Kellys Criterion, Units vs Freestle, Watchlists & Price Alerts, Google Sheets.

Drop me an email at hej@kimlougart for further info