What is reddit?

What is reddit?

Reddit… refer to it self as “The front page of the internet”!

Ape find that claim confusing… 🦧

Basically Reddit is an internetforum, often frequented by younger males in their twenties, though Reddit users tend to be a pretty retarded bunch of apes, pa.. diamond hands and similar substanceless individuals.

Reddit is organized in socalled subreddits meaning topics. So if you really like dogs, perhaps bitcoing might not be on top of your list to follow.

The reason Reddit is the center os (special) attentiont these days, is because one of the subreddits, WallStreetBets (WSB), is the place where all the hype took off.

These days there is a lot of rumours suggesting a number of popular GME subreddits have been “infiltrated” by bots and “interns” from Wall Street Hedge funds offering to pay for negative sentiments (pr) and loses posted in relevanat subreddits.

Ape can´t read, but ape has seen a number of screen shots that COULD indicate such things are in fact taking place, but apes would have to do their own due dilligence for such retarded topics. 

Ever entered the internet via the front page?