Where to follow short interest data

Where can I follow Short Interest?

🐻📉🐻 ***Where can I follow Short Interest?*** 🐻📉🐻

Need To Know

Finra is the formal Organization publishing the Short Interest numbers – they get published every two weeks.

Finra Website

Nice To Know

After Finra publishes the new numbers they are to be often on other sites, like:

Marketbeat: https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/GME/short-interest/

Yahoo Finance: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GME/key-statistics?p=GME (look for ´share statistics´)

High Short Interest: https://highshortinterest.com/all/

Shouldn´t know

If rumors on reddits are to believe the numbers reported might very well be inaccurate – reason: companies report their numbers themself.

Fine: 2.5 mio$

Impact: zero.

Comparison: 2.5mio$ fine vs loss of 4bio$+ to those damn apes and retards on Reddit.

Analogy: ask the wolf how many sheeps it stole and ate from you last night.

The most important thing any ape or retard can do these days til the smokes clears up, is to due his own due dilligence – facts don’t lie, people do!